Sibomat automatic filter

Sibomat automatic filter

The patented automatic filter of type Sibomat from Putsch® is a self-monitoring filtration system which requires no consumables. It cleans itself after filtration and requires no operating personnel. While the purchase cost may seem high initially, they pay off relatively quickly when savings from consumables and manpower are considered.

However, customers should consider certain points before buying a Sibomatic automatic filter as specific prerequisites have to be met. Putsch® offers competent, comprehensive consultation and helps with planning.


General information

Putsch® already developed the Sibomat automatic filter several decades ago. The original reason was the critical filtration of viscous media which caused quick blockage with rapid pressure increase in the supply line.

This gave the product developers at Putsch® the idea of designing a filtration system which can resist the high flow pressure of hot liquids up to 110 °C and can continue filtration without personnel through an automatic cleaning process in case of blockage.

The technical planning is based on a robust design and the use of stainless steel for all components under pressure. The Sibomat was initially conceived for use in the sugar industry, but its great potential soon became evident and with it the numerous application options of this clever cleaning technology in many other industries.

The Sibomat automatic filter pumps the liquid through a cloth. The dirt remains on the surface of the cloth. During the cleaning cycle, the container is emptied and the cloth is cleaned with a high pressure water jet from a rotating nozzle holder with fan nozzles. Even persistent dirt has no chance of remaining on the cloth.

The nozzle arrangement makes it possible for the cleaning jet to reach everywhere. With intensive cleaning, the cleaning process takes 3 minutes and uses only 55 liters of cleaning fluid; it is prefiltered to protect the fan nozzle and ensure that only clean liquid reaches the cloth.

This cleaning process is unique and the Sibomat automatic filter is protected by a patent.

The intake and discharge pipe has a diameter of DN 80, therefore the ideal flow rate is restricted to approx. 40 m3/h. Several Sibomat automatic filters are connected in parallel for higher flow rates.

Putsch® manufactures the complete automatic filters at the main plant in Hagen and also offers customized systems which are planned according to the available space and the processing methods.

For multiple Sibomat automatic filters, a control cabinet is supplied. The in-house control cabinet production allows Putsch® to be flexible. System control and monitoring are carried out automatically according to the process requirements, so that no operating personnel is required, e.g. to manually trigger the cleaning cycle or block off the respective pipes. Valves operated with compressed air take on functions such as blocking or opening the pipes. The automatic filtration system is controlled either with a timer or via pressure sensors.

The clever combination of a fine strainer mesh and a robust support basket ensure reliable filtration. The fine strainer can be replaced in the basket in approx. 15 minutes, if required.

Putsch® offers the Sibomat automatic filter in 3 sizes with 1 m2, 2 m2 or 5 m2 filter surface, for flexible solutions depending on dirt volume and flow rate.

In addition to the automatic cleaning processes with high pressure, the Sibomat automatic filter offers other special features. The operating company can use special disinfectants instead of water as a cleaning agent.

Of course the Sibomat automatic filter can also be used as a targeted precoat filter so that the cleaning mechanism would replace the subsequent precoating. Another option is working with hazardous liquids which require closed filtration systems or compliance with certain emissions figures for reasons of health and safety.


In addition to the comprehensive instructions for use supplied, acceptance is certified by the TÜV or the ASME test.

Technical data

Technical data

Sibomat automatic filter
Cartridge housing material (cylinder) Stainless steel material no. 1.4301 (standard) or 1.4571 (option)
Seal material NBR (standard) or FPM or EPDM or FEP (except draining and vent seal, here PTFE)
Inner surface Pickled
Outer surface Electropolished
Intake/outlet Flange DIN 2532/33 shape B, DN 15 - DN 600
Venting Internal thread 1/4"
Draining Internal thread 1 1/2" or 2" (standard), flanges (option), dairy pipe socket (option)
Max. operating temperature/pressure 110 °C at max. 10 bar for liquids of group 2
Filter area 1 m2 or 2 m2
Filter grades From 25 µm
Empty weight 370 kg (1 m2) or 1110 kg (2 m2)
Tank acceptance TÜV and ASME
Electrical connection 400 V / 11 kVA
Protection rating IP 54
Compressed air supply 6 - 8 bar

Design as per PED 2014/68/EU, art. 4 par. (3), good engineering practice for group 2 liquids. For other liquids or applications on request.

The flow rate of the liquid is ideal, e.g. with a 55 µm cloth up to approx. 35 m3 for raw juice filtration in a sugar factory.