Matthias Dahlhaus, Cost Center Manager - Beet Knife Production.

Herr Dahlhaus

Name: Matthias Dahlhaus
Current Position: Cost Center Manager - Beet Knife Production..
With Putsch® since 1. September 1989.

How did you come to Putsch®?

Since my uncle worked with Putsch® a number of years ago, my mother suggested I submit an application.

I've been employed with  Putsch® since  September 1989.

For what reasons you decide to work for Putsch®?

My brother has worked in a company with 1,500 employees.  At the time, I also applied for training. All of this seemed (at age 16) somewhat overwhelming.  After a plant tour at Putsch®, I decided to apprentice at Putsch®.

What was the starting point for you?  Could quickly take on the responsibility?

Initial Training started in September 1989 and ended January 1993.  From 1993 to 1999 I was in Maintenance.  Since 1999 I have worked in the knife manufacturing group.  I have been in training to become a state-certified technician from 1997 to 2000.

My former cost center manager asked me in 1998, whether I would like to assist and oversee the knife and fraiser milling department. After thinking about it one night, I accepted.

The transition to the knife and fraiser milling department in January 1999 was very demanding, Because "we" always appeared to be in two places. In a short  period of time I learned about technical and organizational issues. Two months later, my cost center manager was on four  weeks holiday and I had to manage the department (with 20 or more people) on my own. A big task that I handled pretty well.

In 2002 I took over responsibility for the knife and fraiser milling department completely.  My predecessor retired.

In the year 2007 a bunch of technical projects were undertaken.  For at least four projects I was, and am still, involved. A stressful time but I look back with pride.

In 2009-2010, the new plants became my area of responsibility.

What are your current, distinct areas of responsibility at Putsch®?

Management of the knife fabrication group in shifts. Compliance with the product  requirements and assuring the quality of the deliverable product. If necessary, support of all adjacent areas, e.g. maintenance, SCM, implementation of innovations in my cost center.

And what is your experience with the development opportunities within the Putsch® group?

I think, if you have the right performance, focused responsibility and willpower, and ultimately company support, then further development within the company is a given.

What are your personal goals?

My dream is the management of a (largely) fully automatic knife manufacturing facility.

What motivates you in your everyday working life?

The challenges of the day. To exceed the performance objectives. Compliance with very close customer deadliness. The nice colleagues.

How do you motivate your employees?

Praise and recognition are important. In the event of a fault in the production process, I include employees in the problem-solving process.  That works. Employees must feel they are being taken seriously, so I am now implementing quality circles. In small groups people can tell me what is not correct. If it is to be taken seriously, I change things. The employee detects this change and knows he was part of the solution. It is also important that you are not the "Superman". If I make a mistake, I admit it.

What was your job previous highlight?

Acceptance of the grinder (KST2968) and the Doosan lathe (KST2170).  The above mentioned Projects.

What does innovation and passion mean to you?

The working life would be boring without innovation and passion, no matter whether I bake bread or cut knife blanks. Every day would be the same. Innovation brings color to the professional life. Through the introduction and implementation of  innovations comes a motivation for yourself, Again, these all help the company and provide cost savings, the goal of us all. Passion is what I bring (almost) every day, to help  Putsch® achieve its best.

At  the Putsch® company, I would guess ...

Crisis-proof employment!! With that being most important, we could (almost) all successfully survive  economic crises. Absolutely unusual.

A sense of  family atmosphere. The operation is so big that everyone knows everyone. I know some of my colleagues for many years and that is fun for me. With many of my colleagues I have  good relationships.

The payroll is always on time. In 23 years I did not one time experience late payroll.

How would you describe the working atmosphere at Putsch® ?

I put a lot of value in my area that the employees work together well. Nothing is so stressful as prolonged rivalries among the colleagues. If needed, I will step in to resolve any issues.

How well do handle the demands of work and family while working for Putsch®?

Good. For all personal problems,  I'm always willing to listen.

What do you do in your spare time?

I like most so spend my free time with my partner. That  time we spend with different activities:

In the Ruhr district, short trips by car, train or bike,

I love to read a good book   The last book I read just last week was  "I'm a

customer, Get Me Out of Here"

Visits  to or from friends and relatives

Regular visits to the stadium

Unfortunately also housework

What advice would you give someone who wants to apply for work at Putsch®? What tips would you give to new hires?

Absolute Beginners:  Learn to work with a team, be open-minded, build relationships with your colleagues, be accessible, adaptable and be willing to learn.

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Job Vacancies in Germany

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