The Putsch® Group offers complete planning, installation and training services; all from a single source.

Take advantage of the benefits of a single team of experts for the entire operating life of all the components of your cutting system.

Spare Parts

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For decades, Putsch® precision panel saws have been used in a wide variety of applications. The multitude of available models and component options allow processing of a wide variety of panel materials and dimensions.

Technical Assistance and Installation

Technical Assistance and Installation

Through personal consultation, we specifically address your individual wishes and needs. We help with the design and layout of the cutting system, and provide consultation on the selection and configuration of any necessary accessories, such as dust extraction or edge-finishing devices.



In order to qualify dealers for assembly and service of all Putsch® precision panel saws, Putsch® offers product training. During the training all relevant aspects of assembly, maintenance and operation of the saw are covered in detail.

Maintenance and Repair

Maintenance and Repair

Working together with our service partners, we support the ongoing maintenance and service of our products. Our central spare parts warehouse in Hagen / North Rhine / Westphalia ensures constant availability of all necessary components, and guarantees short delivery of replacement parts.


What is Putsch®’s area of wood cutting expertise?

Putsch® Meniconi has developed and manufactured precision panel saws in Poggibonsi, Italy since 1956. Our sister company offers technical assistance and service to our panel saw customers everywhere in the world. To better serve our German speaking customers, we support Germany, Austria and Switzerland, from our Hagen central office in North Rhine / Westphalia, where we have built a completely new warehouse for spare parts. This has improved the quality of our service and improved delivery time.


Where can I buy a Putsch® precision panel saw?

The distribution and service of the Putsch® precision panel saw in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are exclusively through qualified dealers. Direct delivery from the factory is not possible.

Where can I find a
qualified local Putsch® Dealer?

You can find a complete list of dealers for German-speaking countries in the dealer section. 

For requests from non-German speaking countries please consult our sister company Putsch-Meniconi:


Putsch® Meniconi S. p. A.


Bellavista Via Irlanda

I-53036 Poggibonsi (Sienna) Italy

Delivery / Shipping

How long is the delivery time?

The delivery time for Putsch® precision panel saws takes about two months from the Hagen factory, provided that there are no manufacturing delays.

 For standard machines that are in stock at the Hagen warehouse, delivery takes approximately one week.

How long does it take to install?

Installation of a standard machine lasts approximately 1 ½ days. The exact time depends on the dealer’s offer.

How is a Putsch® precision panel saw packaged?

For details of the size and weight of our machines, please see our brochure: Vertical Precision Panel Saws on page 34-35.

Spare Parts

How can I obtain spare parts for a Putsch® precision panel saw?

Putsch® sells its products exclusively through qualified dealers. Direct purchase of spare parts through Putsch® is no longer possible. Please consult your Putsch® dealer and they will obtain the necessary parts for you.

Are all necessary spare parts for Putsch® precision panel saws available on short notice?

The distribution of spare parts for Putsch® precision panel saws for German speaking areas is from our central warehouse in Hagen / North Rhine-Westphalia. Here, all spare parts for your Putsch® precision panel saw are readily available from our stock.

How long does delivery of spare parts take after purchase?

Typical delivery from your Putsch® dealer takes two to three business days. For faster delivery, please speak with your dealer.

The Putsch® Family of Companies

Where are the Putsch® Group companies are geographically established?

Today, Putsch® Group consists of six production facilities in four countries. Four of these partners are technology centers with research and development capacity. Putsch® Group also operates six sales offices and has representatives worldwide.

Who is Putsch® Meniconi?

Putsch® Meniconi, with offices in Poggibonsi (Sienna, Italy), was founded in 1956 and is a member of the Putsch® Group.

Putsch® Meniconi manufactures several product lines, including precision panel saws for the wood industry and saws for cutting bulletproof glass.

Putsch® is a leading manufacturer of vertical panel saws to cut and trim wood, plastics and sandwich panels.  Our woodworking product range has expanded with the introduction of two new horizontal panel saw models.

What are Putsch® Group’s areas of expertise?

The Putsch® Group specializes in the design, production and distribution of horizontal and vertical precision panel saws, equipment for the sugar and sweetener industries, bio-energy (ethanol) production, vegetable processing equipment, filtration, and container glass production. The technology program includes well over 100 product and service groups. Many of Putsch®’s products and systems are patented and copyrighted.

Who is Putsch®?

Putsch® is an international group of companies headquartered in Hagen / North Rhine / Westphalia, Germany. It was established in 1871 with the founding of H. Putsch and Co. in Hagen.

With over 140 years of history the company has developed into an international, prosperous technology group through creativity, quality products, service and experience.