The Putsch® SVP 320 and SVP 420 models combine the latest improvements of the SVP 133/145 series with the premium features and performance of the SVP 980 such as a linear guide rail system that guarantees higher precision.
The precision panel saw SVP 420 ALU is particularly suitable for milling and cutting of aluminum composite panels and similar materials. By quickly switching between mill and saw blade the time for reequiping tools can be saved.



The stable, reinforced steel frame is the foundation ot each Putsch® Precision Panel Saw. The robust construction is fully welded and absolutely torque-proof. This enables quick and safe assembly and exact alignment of the frame body.
The solid frame provides a reliable base for long, trouble-free production. The design of the vertical panel saw requires half the floor space of a horizontal panel saw.
The standard base frame is designed for cutting lengths of up to 5300 mm.

Upon request, we can extend the cutting length of the frame up to 15.000 mm.

The frame of the Putsch® panel saws can be optionaly equiped with the Clamping System for lifting up the panels.
The panel must not be turned for trimming on both sides.

Putsch® offers an wall-mounted design version, as well as a modular portable frame for uncommon tight installation conditions.

In order to prevent tilting and warping when working on very thin panels Putsch ® offers a full or partial MDF surface.

Dust collection systems

The majority of dust particles during vertical and horizontal cutting will get extracted by an integrated dust extraction system within the saw head. This system is directly connected to an outside dust collector.

Putsch® precision panel saws are equipped with secondary integrated extraction systems in the support panel. This significantly reduces fine dust levels in the work space and protects operators from potential health hazards.

TRK – Dust Extraction System

The TRK dust extraction system is integrated into the frame and is included as a standard part of the system. The vacuum channel is located on the right side of the frame and extends over the entire working height. It works continuously during vertical and horizontal cuts and sends dust into the extraction filter. The TRK dust extraction system is EU-tested for wood dust and fulfills all statutory worker protection directives.

ECO Dust Extraction System

To process particularly dustprone materials such as gypsum, we offer an optional ECO dust extraction system. The system consists of several vertical vacuum channels integrated into the grid directly behind the vertical cutting position of the saw blade.
When the carriage is locked into the vertical cutting position, sensor-controlled automatic valves open only the required cutting channel. This way the suction power of the entire system is concentrated on the one cutting position.

The generously dimensioned galvanized pipe system carries the dust/air mixture to the attached independent vacuum unit. When The saw head assembly is positioned horizontally the channel valves close automatically and suction occurs within the saw head and through the TRK vacuum attachment on the right side of the saw.

Automatic shifting grid

Mounted to the saw frame is a shifting grid to support the panels during cutting. This grid is moved by an automatic shifting device that allows the saw blade to evade the grid edges during horizontal cuts and prevent damage to the machine. A sensor on the saw carriage initiates the shifting process by way of a fully-automated electric motor.

Support Surfaces / Support Rollers

On the bottom of the frame there are secure and stable panel support feet. They consist of individually replaceable aluminum supports with phenolic soles. The calibrated alignment of the panel supports to the top of the saw bridge guarantees absolutely true horizontal cuts.

Rubberized lifting rollers enable the positioning of large and difficult panels on the frame. An optional indicator light indicates when the rollers are in motion. Like the aluminum panel support feet, the rollers can be individually replaced as needed.

Angle-cutting device

In order to cut small pieces of material into angular shapes, Putsch® offers an angle cutting attachment. This device can be installed on the saw frame with a few simple steps and allows for adjustment to a wide range of cutting angles using an attached scale.

Two flip stops for vertical cuts

Every Putsch® precision panel saw is equipped with two sliding flip-stop guides for vertical cuts. They enable quick and precise setting to the desired cut length. Putsch® offers optional flip-stops with an integrated digital measurement display to allows settings for vertical cuts that are precise within 1/10 mm.

Retractable middle support shelf

A retractable middle support shelf is integrated into the center of the saw support grid of the saw for short, light materials. This supplemental support fence runs parallel to the bottom beam of the saw frame, extending across almost the entire length of the machine. This offers your personnel an ergonomic working height when handling smaller materials.

Sliding support backer for thin panel materials

An optional sliding support backer is available and can be integrated into the support grid. This accessory makes it easy to position thin pieces on the central support grid.

Low-level Stop

An optional low-level flip-stop is available, which is installed at the bottom of the support grid. This makes it easier to position heavy panels resting on the bottom support feet.

Saw beam

The saw bridge serves as a horizontal and vertical guide for the saw carriage. It rides on precision ballbearing rollers along the upper guide rail of the saw that is perfectly parallel to the bottom rail of the saw frame. The mechanical positioner locks the saw bridge securely in the vertical cutting position.

A measuring scale is located on the saw bridge that can be used for horizontal cut measurements. It extends from the bottom of the carriage and the center of the carriage. For recurring horizontal measurements, programmable cams can be individually adjusted for up to four repeat cutting heights.

An optional horizontal repeat strip cutting device can be mounted on the saw bridge. This adjustable device makes it possible to quickly and precisely cut multiple same-size horizontal strips.

Saw Carriage

The saw carriage serves as the guide for the saw motor assembly. Using lightweight aluminum components and precision ballbearings, the carriage slides resistance-free vertically on the guide rail of the saw bridge.

Saw drive unit

The saw motor assembly of the Putsch® precision panel saws is located on the saw carriage. The saw head can tilt 90° which makes it possible to cut both vertical and horizontal cuts on the same material. A reliable high-performance motor turns the saw blade.

To prevent chipping and tearing along the edge of laminated materials, an optional scoring attachment with two scratch knives is available. They score the surface for a clean cut on glued edges.

The cut area is protected by a saw blade cover that also serves as a dust seal for increased dust extraction efficiency.

Primary dust extraction is through the saw head assembly. Wood dust, fine particles and chips are directed onto the saw blade and are removed through a flexible plastic tube that is connected to an external dust filter.

Ergonomic handles control the plunging of the saw head along cylinder guides. These guides allow a maximum 60 mm cut depth. A joint on the lower handle allows relaxed and comfortable operation when working overhead.

An optional adjustable depth-stop can be fastened to the saw head for accurate grooving.

Putsch® offers a kit to easily convert the saw head for sandwich and aluminum composite panels. The kit contains the grooving cutter for your desired profile, the appropriate protective cover, and a depth-stop to control the insertion depth of the saw head.


The operation of the SVP 420 M series is governed by a control panel mounted to the vacuum tube next to the saw bridge. In the manual version this is how the saw blade motor is turned on and off. This is also where the emergency safety stop is located.


All Putsch® precision panel saws meet or exceed the European Union standards and guidelines for safety. All mechanical and electrical components are certified and released by independent inspections authorities.



The application field of the SVP 420 ALU is the milling and cutting of aluminum composite panels and similar materials. These include panels of Alucobond ®, Alucore ®, ACM, Dibond ® and Etalbond ®, which are mainly used in the construction industry for facade manufacturers.

Information material

Information material

Order the information material for the Putsch® SVP 420 ALU now free of charge or download directly here.

Equipment and Accessories

Equipment and Accessories

Saw frame
The TRK dust extraction system (EU-inspected for wood dust) is integrated into the frame, greatly reducing the fine dust levels to levels significantly below the TRK (technical target concentration) reference levels. standard
The ECO dust collection system with pneumatic valve control for vertical cuts. Efficient supplemental dust collection via vertical cutting channels for highly dust-prone panel materials, such as gypsum. optional
Automatic electric shifting grid. Controlled by sensors, the shifting grid automatically aligns the saw blade to protect the grid strips. standard
Pneumatically raises and lowers the feed rollers. Practical, comfortable, functional. n/a
Sensor-detection of raised feed rollers. Feed rollers with control lights. No more hassle of forgetting the raised feed rollers. optional
Two flip stops for vertical cuts. Makes it possible to make measurements on both sides of the saw bridge. standard
Retractable small material middle support fence that extends over the entire working length of the machine. Small material can easily be cut upright in the center of the grid. optional
Optional low-level flip stop for heavier panels (such as kitchen countertops) which can be securely cut on the bottom support feet. optional
Sliding support brace for thin materials. Prevents flexing of thin panels when they are cut on the retractable support fence. standard
Sensor that detects the edge of the panel. The saw head lifts out and the saw bridge returns to the starting position. n/a
Angle-cutting device. In a few easy steps, this device can be fastened onto the bottom of the frame for precise angle cuts. optional
“CS” Clamping System. Panel lifting system for the accurate trimming of sheet materials. n/a
Saw motor assembly, saw carriage, saw bridge
Linear precision guide rails on the saw beam. Precise cutting through perfect alignment of the carriage and the saw head. Easy to replace if damaged. standard
Linear precision guides on saw head. Precise plunging of the saw blade through torsion-resistant linear guide rail. n/a
Semiautomatic vertical movement of the saw head with fast/slow button. Convenient time and effort saving function for automatic models. n/a
Automatic motor-driven plunging of the saw head. Practical and functional; ideal for overhead work and taller panels. optional
Automatic turning of the saw head from vertical to horizontal cut position and vice versa Effort-saving, functional n/a
Automatic locking saw carriage for horizontal cuts Makes tall overhead work easier standard
Pneumatic lockable saw beam for vertical cuts Manually locking the saw carriage is no longer necessary. n/a
Automatic saw beam and carriage return with 2 adjustable feed speeds (12 m/min - 24 m/min) for vertical and horizontal cuts. The automatic functions save time, effort and increase material output. n/a
Automatic saw beam and carriage return with adjustable feed speeds (4 m/min - 20 m/min) for vertical and horizontal cuts. The variable speed feed control uses an inverter for fine adjustment based on material type. n/a
Vertical measurement digital display Enables accurate, to the decimal, measuring of vertical panel dimensions. optional
Horizontal measurement digital display Enables accurate, to the decimal, measuring of horizontal panel dimensions. optional
Four programmable cams for horizontal cuts Commonly used cut dimensions can be preset on the saw beam for quick recall as needed. standard
Horizontal repeat strip cutting device Easy-to-set device for cutting multiple same-size horizontal strips. optional
Wall-mounted model A vacuum hose and cable run the entire frame length in a space-saving energy chain. The frame can be mounted directly to a wall without supporting struts to save floor space of approximately 20 cm deep. optional
Modular saw frame Space-saving split-frame design for frame movement in narrow access ways. n/a
Dual support rail Frame with extra support rail for the secure cutting of thin panel materials. optional
Electromechanically driven, grooved MDF support panel for full frame thin panel support. optional
Mounting protection for saw unit and saw carriage standard
Depth stop for grooving standard
90° V-grooving (Ø 100 mm) optional
135° V- grooving (Ø 100 mm) optional
U-profile grooving (Ø 100 mm) optional
PLC Control
PLC Control Simple programming of horizontal cutting cycles through modern programmable logic control (PLC). Machine status and other information are available whenever needed. n/a
Touchscreen display The computerized touchscreen with 8.4” color display reduces the number of manual control buttons to a minimum. An easy touch of the screen is sufficient to operate all of the functions. All of the operation data and more are retrievable at a moment’s notice. standard

Technical specifications

Technical specifications

Lenght 5750 mm
Width 1400 mm
Heigth 3150 mm
Max. Vertical Cutting Height 2200 mm
Max. Horizontal Cutting Height 2020 mm
Max. Cutting length 4200 mm
Max. Cutting depth 25 mm
Connection for dust extraction unit 100 mm Ø
Motor Capacity 5 PS (3,75 kW)
Saw blade diameter 200 mm
Saw blade speed 5300 rpm
Milling cutter speed 10600 rpm

Technical details and pictures are only indicative. The manufacturer reserves the right to change modifications without prior notice.