Glass Production

Putsch® Shear Blades

Putsch ® Shear blades meet the highest requirements.

Shear blades and cutting edge angles

Various cutting edge angles for special requirements.

Special hardening

Special hardening through the formation of wear-resistant carbides.

Surface Area

Effective cooling agent wetting through matte shear blade fnish

Putsch® shear blade quality

The accompanying manufacture and pre-delivery inspections are conducted 100%

Fertigung Glasadler

Putsch® has more than 140 years of experience with the most diverse kinds of knives and cutting tools. Over 100 years ago Putsch® began producing high-heat resistant shear cutting blades for the glass industry. Today the Putsch® Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of machines and tools for the production of glass.

The product which we offer range from shear blade systems to glass presses, glass injection presses and glass centrifuges for glassmaking tools of all types. In addition, Putsch® offers precision panel saws for fire-rated and bulletproof glass, marble and stone.

Putsch® glass tools

Shear blade system

Putsch® shear blades guarantee trouble free operation of production through high quality, safe handling with long durability at low cost.

Additional equipment information

Glass blowing tools

are being hand made according to standard and custom specifications.

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Vertical saws for fire resistant glass, bullet proof glass, marble and stone.

Automatic vertical panel saw for the horizontal and vertical cutting of fire resistant glass, bullet proof glass, marble and stone.

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Putsch® Glass Production

Automatic centrifuge Putsch® CRA 2000

Machines and Tools for Glass Production

Our subsidiary company Putsch® Meniconi in Italy has been manufacturing machines, equipment and tools for decades for the plate glass and container glass industries. Learn more from the Putsch® Meniconi website.

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Putsch® shear blades

Putsch® Shear Blades made from high-quality metal alloys.

Putsch® is one of the world’s leading and largest manufacturers of shear blades. Our shear blades are predominantly used in the production of bottle and glass containers with cutting rates of over 200 cuts per minute and for the cutting of glass drops for crystal and pressed glass production.

We offer individualized production of special knives for customer-specific job requirements. With our high-tech processes and decades of experience, our staff can turn your goals into reality while ensuring the highest level of quality.

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