Filter presses

Filter presses

At the Hagen plant, Putsch® has been manufacturing filter presses for many decades. The main focus is on quality, reliability and durability. Putsch® filter presses are designed for a service life of over 10 years and for difficult operating conditions. This sturdiness makes filter presses from Putsch® significantly more economically efficient than numerous competitors' systems which require much more maintenance and repairs.

Putsch® manufactures the complete filter presses: frame, control cabinet, control system, hydraulics and pneumatics. The individual components come from renowned manufacturers and guarantee a long service life and reliability.

Before manufacturing, in-house mechanical engineers and processing engineers plan the filter press according to the respective customer requirements and country-specific directives.

Putsch® filter presses stand for quality and reliability.


General information/manufacturer Putsch®

A filter press is a filtration system for solid/liquid separation. The dry filter cake and a clean liquid are the objective of any filter press operator. This objective requires a high level of technical manufacturing knowledge for the suitable filter press which can only be obtained from longstanding experience. Filter presses have to be adapted to the individual requirements of the customer and cannot be sold as allrounder systems "off the peg".

This insight often comes too late, when the new filter press does not serve its purpose, the operating company turns to third parties and only seeks advice from Putsch® afterwards. Selecting the right manufacturer is therefore the cornerstone for the successful operation of the appropriate filter press.

Instead of new systems, the Internet is full of used systems from renowned manufacturers. Potential buyers should not be blinded by the low prices, however, but ask themselves whether a system which was originally built for a different application would really meet their own requirements! A filter press should rather be approached as a customized product which was designed to meet the specific conditions on site. This is the only way to ensure that the operating company can meet its targets!

A comparison between operating hours, repair costs and maintenance costs and the purchase costs shows that a new system is often cheaper and easier than a used system.

The planning phase for the filter press is the first important step.

The type of sludge is the basis for designing a filter press. The composition and the separation behavior as well as the separation task have to be clearly defined.

Depending on the solid content in the sludge and the number of operating cycles (from filling to cake discharge), several design options are available:

- Filter plates with different sizes from 470 mm to 1500 mm
- Different number of plates per filter press
- Different chamber depths per plate from 25 to 40 mm

Chamber filter presses are cheaper to purchase than membrane filter presses. In chamber filter presses, the cycle runs until a sufficient volume of solids has resulted in a dense filter cake in the chamber.

For varying solid content or planned operating periods with different durations, membrane filter presses offer the advantage of reducing the operating time by expanding the membranes in the plate chambers. This results in a shorter cycle for thin sludge. The operating company has more flexibility with membrane filter presses. In addition, this type of filter press allows the solid to be dried faster.

During the consultation, all possible processes are presented and the most beneficial solution is found in cooperation with the customer. For example the in-house engineering at Putsch® takes into account the available space, manufactures individual control cabinets at the in-house electrics workshop or welds the suitable steel frame.

In large-scale production or purchasing of a used system cannot consider the individual requirements of customers.

Putsch® as a traditional company focuses on suitable individual systems which are reliable and provide filtration for a long time.



Putsch® offers different scrapers for cleaning the filter plates and filter cloths – made from different materials and with different levels of hardness.
Filter plate scrapers

Filter plate scrapers

Filter cloths

Filter cloths

Technical data

Technical data

Filter presses
Types Chamber or membrane
Material (standard) HD polypropylene (standard), PVDF
Plate width 470 mm to 1500 mm (larger on request)
Plate depth 25 mm to 40 mm
Max. operating temperature 80 °C at max. 8 bar filtration pressure or 40 °C at max. 15 bar filtration pressure
Application examples Electroplating and communal wastewater, chemicals, environment