Rüdiger Bromm, Technical Leader


Name: Rüdiger Bromm
Current Position: Technical Leader
With Putsch since 1 May 2004

How did you start with Putsch®?

I started at Putsch® by chance.  Putsch® was determined to deliver complex equipment.  To accomplish this, the position of Project Leader was created, and this was upward move for me. 

For what reasons did you decide to work for Putsch®?

The location of Putsch® was a benefit, but essentially it was the attraction of having the responsibility as Project Leader to ensure delivery of the end product.  Add to that the fact that I enjoy travel, and a majority of our customers have headquarters outside of Germany.

What did this advancement in position mean to you?  Could you learn the responsibilities quickly?

Since I was the first Project Leader at Putsch®, in one sense I had a lot of freedom.  On the other hand, I had to understand, work within,  and change the existing structure and flow of the company.

What are your current, distinct areas of responsibility at Putsch®?

My current assignment as Department Leader is the organization and coordination of the technical departments at different locations, as well as promoting the further development of new products.

What was your career path in the company, and what is your current job role?

I began my career in 2004 as a project manager in the engineering office. I was involved in the implementation of various projects abroad. In November 2007, the opportunity to move into the management of the technical office was offered to me. At first, we had to gather the appropriate resources in order to create innovations for our customers.

And what is your experience with the development opportunities within the Putsch® Group?

My career at Putsch® speaks for itself and requires no further description.

What are your personal goals?

The consistent flow of the development of new products is one of the goals.

How do you motivate your colleagues?

I am trying to make them aware of the joy in their tasks. In principle, that is not difficult. The employees have not learned their profession because they must, but because they have an interest in the technology, and wish to participate in the development of our products.

What were your previous biggest highlights?

Taking on the leadership of the project that was so far the largest order in Putsch's history, and the development of new machines in the recent past.

What do innovation and passion mean to you?

In my opinion, passion is the driving force for innovation.

At  the Putsch® company, I would guess ...

... the first element of the culture is challenge.

How would you describe the working atmosphere at Putsch®?

Currently you can feel the energy of new exciting days, the coming growth of change ...

How is the balance between work and family at Putsch®?

It's something we learn to manage!

What do you do in your spare time?

Jogging, mountain biking, skiing, traveling, cooking, and reading.   It's important to be well-rounded, to be prepared for new tasks.

Do you have any advice for someone who might like to work in your position one day?

On the one hand, enjoy your work, on the other, persevere.

What advice would you give someone who wants to apply for work at Putsch®? What tips would you give to new hires?

Be open to everything, have the willingness to learn. Communication is an important part of the activity. It is equally important to work well within a team.

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