Ömer Calisir, Project Manager


Name: Ömer Calisir
Current position: Project Manager
Employed by Putsch® since November 2011.

How did you come to Putsch®?

After my degree in Process Engineering, I started a tedious search for an interesting job, that would fit my strengths and my personality. Through my circle of friends and acquaintances, I was made aware of Putsch® .

After careful research, I finally applied at the beginning of November 2011. After a rapid and successful application process,  I started my first day as a Project Manager on 14 November 2011.

For what reasons did you decide to work for Putsch®?

Both the broad range of products and the prospect to expand my international experience, encouraged me in my decision to apply Putsch®. Of course, being hired quickly makes a good impression. Also, the possibility to take on responsibility and show initiative encouraged my decision to start my employement at Putsch®.

What was the starting point for you? Could you quickly take responsibility?

After completing training for about 3 months with an experienced project, I was given the lead position and responsibility for a large scale project in Nigerian Lagos. I used this chance as an opportunity to prove myself in the company. In this way, these diversified assignments and activities, as well as the project itself, helped me improve my strengths.

What do innovation and passion mean to you?

For me, it means that one's self is well reflected in his work. The way one pursues a job is encouraged by the traits that characterize the person. This and the joy of work are for me the foundations for success.

Do you have any advice for someone who might like to work in your position one day?

A healthy level of self-confidence.  Don't be shy or afraid to communicate with people as individuals or in groups. You should also have a certain resilience and resistance to stress. Newcomers should be aware that "all beginnings are difficult".  You must be ready to learn a lot but have fun doing so.

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Job Vacancies in Germany

Job Vacancies in Germany

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