Filtration Systems for Solid and Liquid Separation

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We will gladly assist and advise you with your individual filtration needs.

Filter Raw Materials

Raw material assortment for top-quality products.

Filter yarn

The most diverse areas of application demand a large selection of different weave material.

Manufacturer of Filter Cartridges

Putsch® is one of the biggest German makers of woven filter cartridges.

Filter Cartridges

The yarns, support cores and weave matrix of our filter cartridges can be individually configured as needed.

Quality Control

Strict quality control measures ensure reliable product safety.

Filter Housing Production

Putsch® produces filter housings in many designs and sizes.

Our products:


Filter cartridges                   Filter bags                        Cartridge housings            Bag housings

Filter Press Accessories     Filter Non-Wovens            Spaghetti filters               Filter Papers

For more than 140 years the Putsch® Group has produced machines and equipment for the area of filtration technology and for the sugar, vegetable, glass and wood industries.

The filter technology production area offers a comprehensive product range for separation of industrial solids and liquids. The main products include filter cartridges, filter bags, cartridge filter housings, and bag filter housings, filter press accessories, filter Non-Wovens …, spaghetti filters and filter papers.

From research and development to in-house production to operational setup and service of previously installed systems, Putsch® has the expertise for all your needs.

Putsch® filtration product groups

Filter cartridges

A large selection of filter cartridges for liquid solid separation. All common types are available.

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Filter bags

Filter bags in all materials in standard and custom types are available.

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Cartridge filter housings

Depending on your liquid, we offfer filter cartridges and housings in different sizes and materials.

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Bag filter housings

Bag filter housings for all common bag filter sizes are available with different options.

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Filter press consumables

Putsch®, as a leading filter press manufacturer, offers consumables for all filter presses such as filter cloths and filter plates.

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Filter mats

Putsch® offers a large variety of filter mats for your belt filter.

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Spaghetti filters

Zinc (II) compounds are best removed by utilizing Spaghetti filters.

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Filtration paper

Putsch® offers the correct filtration paper for all pump chambers.

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Service and Consulting

Take advantage of our comprehensive service packages regarding solid and liquid separation. Our customer service team will gladly handle all your questions and concerns.

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